Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions
Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions


Argonne National Laboratory University of Chicago

Argonne applies a unique mix of world-class science, engineering and user facilities to deliver innovative research and technologies.  

Argonne's vision is to lead the world in providing scientific and engineering solutions to the grand challenges of our time: plentiful and safe energy, a healthy environment, economic competitiveness, and a secure nation.

The grand challenges our world faces today cannot be solved by a single scientist, a single institution, or a single nation.  Therefore, Argonne builds collaborations that break down disciplinary boundaries and unite our expertise and capabilities with those of other leading laboratories, universities, and companies around the world. 

Under a memorandum of understanding the Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions at Walsh College is working with the Systems Science Center (SSC) at Argonne National Laboratory under the direction of Pamela Sydelko. The mission of SSC is to advance, integrate, and apply systems approaches that provide a better understanding of complex physical, social, and economic interrelationships, enable anticipation of possible futures, and support difficult decision and policy-making.