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Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions

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CCSD leaders involvement with various organizations, governements and businesses.

Dr. Ronis with her colleagues from the International Society for Manufacturing Engineers deligation to China, led by Dr. Khalil Taraman, far left, in Shanghai. 



General Brent Scowcroft with Dr. Ronis at the National Defense University. General Scowcroft assisted Dr. Ronis as a member of the Guiding Coalition of the Project on National Security Reform.



General Martin pins the "Outstanding Public Service Award" medal on Dr. Ronis.



Accepting the Chairmans Award at the International Student Management Office of the National Defense University before an audience of diplomats and international fellows representing 52 nations of the world.




Dr. Ronis addressed the Royal Society in London. The Use of Foresight Methodologies to Improve Public Policy the Center for Complex and Strategic Decision: A Proposal for the U.S. Executive Office of the President of the United States.


Dr. Henry Kissinger and Dr. Ronis at The American Patriot Award event of the National Defense University Foundation. Dr. Ronis is the Vice-Chairman of the board at the National Defense University Foundation.



Dr. Ronis and the National Defense University International Fellows in 2014 at the proving grounds of Ford Motor Company. Each year Dr. Ronis sponsors a visit of the International Fellows of the National Defense University for a visit to Detroit so they can learn about the U.S. automobile industry. Both General Motors and Ford Motor Company traditionally participate.



Dr. Lin Wells Former Director of the Center for Technology and National Security policy at the National Defense University (far right), Dr. Peter Galvez, M.D. vice chief of staff in the Department of National Defense in the Philippines (far left) and Dr. Ronis, at foresight week in Singapore; Where Dr. Ronis had a Fulbright specialist appointment at Nanyang Technological University in 2012.




 Dr. Ronis and Dr. Chasdi at the Galilea International Management Institute speaking in regards to challenges and scenarios that Israel would potentially face in 2048.



Upcoming Events

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